Many people do not know that the sense of smell is the one sense which is most closely associated with mood and memory.

When oils are inhaled, micro-molecules of the essential oils travel through the nasal passages to the limbic system of the brain which is the seat of memory and emotion.  This is why particular scents can trigger strong, emotional responses which are pleasant or unpleasant according to our own individual experiences.  Think about what scents bring about those triggers for you; the smell of baking bread, pine at the holidays, a departed loved one’s perfume or cologne, even the smell of a baby.  They trigger anchored memories which are tied to our emotions.

Here are some scents that have been helpful in changing other people’s moods, you may want to try diffusing one or more to help you too.


Lavender has relaxing properties
Citronella helps with fatigue
Black Pepper increases alertness and stamina
Juniper Berries calming without sedation
Ylang Ylang helps with feeling happier
Ginger can be energizing and uplifting
Vanilla helps with sugar cravings

Try changing your mood with these or other scents you find pleasing. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it works.

Some forms of aromatherapy call for the ingestion of certain essential oils; for the purpose of this article we ask that you only smell or diffuse the oil for inhalation.