Your Invitation to
Breakthrough to Success

Do you want to...

  • Heal your heart?
  • Change your relationships?
  • Change your relationship with money?
  • Change your career path?
  • Improve your self-worth?
  • Launch a business?
  • Release pain, shame, trauma and drama from your past?

Think about what success means to you. I want you to step into your brilliance and for you to shine your light for all it's worth.

No more dimming it to make others comfortable. You deserve MORE from life, love and the world around you!

Are you ready to...

  • Know your value and own your values - doing this keeps you from compromising your happiness for any reason. Together, we'll identify your top-level values in the area you want to move forward in (love, business, money, relationships, spirituality or health). You'll determine what really is most important to you. Now. Based on what you really want in your life - beginning today. 
  • Identify and set specific measurable goals - measure your progress and success. You'll determine where you are, starting today and where you want to be. This is how you'll measure your success and know that change has taken place. And our work is not complete until you're between 70%-80% resolved in your goals! Yes, a guarantee of your success. Imagine feeling at least 70% resolved from where you are right now.
  • Determine exactly what is holding you back - and more importantly, change that shit - you're in conflict and there is a part of you that is causing this "stuck state"Whether it's your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, behaviors or the impact of the world around you. These are the things that "tell you" why you can't live the life you truly deserve. Many of your limitations are conscious but most reside in the place we call the subconscious, we'll root those out too.  You'll begin to see your life in the " I AM", "I CAN", "I HAVE" and "I DO" state of mind - fully empowered. 
  • Let go of the past - only then can you move forward. You'll heal and release Anger, Sadness, Pain, Hurt, Shame, Guilt, Fear, Frustration, Anxiety, Hate, Regret, Jealousy, and Grief. Completely. Permanently. You'll be able to access memories that were once too painful, too difficult, or too frustrating to look at and have the same emotional response as if it were the memory of a shopping list. It may have been something you experienced once. It may once have even been important. And now it holds ZERO emotional load for you. Not today, not tomorrow and not ever again. Welcome to the place we call healed.
  • Change your thoughts, beliefs, decisions and behaviors - continuing to do what you've done will only get you more of what you've got now. Together we'll work through your limiting TBDB's. You'll replace the old, negative thoughts and behaviors with positive, powerful programming - permanently. You'll replace the unconscious drivers and strategies that have kept you from the life you desire.
  • Develop a new set of skills and strategies - you'll be able to manage anything that comes your way. Designed to effectively maintain these changes and assist you in any future need - yes, you'll be able to do this on your own. Ultimately, you'll master 2-3 new strategies and learn at least 5 specific tools to manage and maintain your life changes.


It all starts with a Strategy Session

Your Strategy Session includes:

  • In-depth review of your History, Goals & Challenges
  • Goal setting and values identification
  • Communication needs and style
  • Detailed instruction and guidance to help you move forward
    (independently, in a group setting, or 1:1 program, etc.)
  • Digital products
    (recorded session, workbook, guided meditations | hypnosis sessions, etc.)
  • Real-time strategy, actionable tools and techniques designed to kick start your healing | breakthrough work

Preparing for your session:

  • Strategy Sessions are online or by phone
  • Allow up to 1 hour
  • Set up a quiet, comfortable location where you won't be disturbed
  • Make sure you have reliable internet/phone reception
  • Have water (and perhaps tissue) handy
  • Turn off phones, computer, and any other distractions
  • Consider how you work best, this information helps with my recommendations for you
    • Are you an independent self-starter -
      DIY may be the option for you
    • Would a community with accountability help you -
      one of the Group programs might be better
    • Are you coachable, accountable and want a guarantee -
      my Personally Guided 1:1 program is your best bet

Let's Get Started!

Complete Your Paperwork Online


After your Strategy Session you'll have an actionable plan to make the changes you need.

Whether you decide to work with me in a private breakthrough, in a group program or want to try making changes on your own - you'll have the tools you need to move forward.

Seriously, not everyone needs to work with me one on one. You may just need a road map, tools and a plan to get where you want to be. Or you may need that and a community to support your goals and path. 

I have a proven plan to help you get there - you choose your path: DIY, Group Support or Personally Guided. Whichever you choose, I'm here to help.  I want what you want - your success!

Adventure locations currently take place anywhere in the US or Canada and must be scheduled and prepaid at least 60 days in advance. Contact our office to discuss planning your adventure.

Some prior adventures and outcomes include:

  • Shopping in San Francisco - new city, new wardrobe for a new career
  • Walt Disney World - Keys to the Kingdom Tour - the inspiration to launch a new business 
  • Mountains for breakfast, beach for dinner - perspective change to improve communication
  • Whale watching - parenting skills for raising functional adults 
  • Fly to Las Vegas - release lifetime flying phobia
  • Spa Day - understanding self-care and self-nurture
  • Cooking class - new learning strategies, planning, and teamwork development
  • Walking food tour - stepping back into dating and meeting new people
  • Paranormal investigating - spiritual development and energy healing
  • Dispensary tour and cannabis recommendations - natural pain relief and healing options
  • Disneyland Hotel and VIP tour - creating magic in your life and business
  • Full makeover - new year, new you