Heartbreak Healed - May 1, 2019

Because Broken is No Way to Live.

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Imagine Your Life AFTER You...

Release the Pain of the Past

Reclaim your heart by healing anger, sadness, pain, shame, guilt, jealousy, grief, etc. Make peace with your past.

Know Your Value

Every relationship begins with you. Learn how to own it all - your heart, your emotions, your mind, and your future.


Let Go of Limits

Uncover exactly what's in the space between your desires and your outcomes. Hint: It's your subconscious beliefs about love, commitment, and relationships - these are the ones that are setting you up for a repeating cycle of disappointment, failure, and pain. Identify the bullshit that holds you back -- stories, judgments, vows, rules, and fears.

See the Patterns

Identify the experiences that keep taking you further away from who you are and what you need. See where the “slippery slope” is for you and learn to avoid it in the future.

Own Your Values

Integrate your individual values into your relationships. Get crystal clear on why you must NEVER compromise your values.

Are you ready to stop suffering the heartbreak of your loss and..

  • Do a crap load of healing - heal all of the anger, sadness, pain, hurt, grief, frustration, jealousy and anxiety you carry.
  • Learn powerful self-care strategies.
  • Discover the key to lasting, loving relationships.
  • Teach people to treat you better, no matter who they are or what your history has been.
  • Create peace and harmony in any difficult situation - master an 8-second healing tool guaranteed to work.
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I've taken the deep well of experience, expertise, and insight that I’ve gained from working with thousands of clients and students and put it into Heartbreak Healed; so that you can get from here to healed. Easily. Quickly. Permanently.

I know that making the decision to step away from a life you shared, invested your time, effort and energy into hurts. And it's even more painful when the choice wasn't yours or worse, you didn't even see it coming.

There is hope; it's you realizing - being an adult means you can change! You're capable of letting go - unlearning all the unproductive, unhealthy and downright painful lessons you’ve picked up along the way. Not only capable of it, you're responsible for doing it! Because frankly, if you don't do this for you - who will?

And that’s exactly why I created Heartbreak Healed - I had to heal my own shit. It's such a powerful program I'm offering it with a no-risk,  30-day money back guarantee. I invite you to join me, try the program and if it isn't exactly what you needed - return it for a full refund.  I'm looking forward to seeing you healed!








One of the big advantages I’m offering in this course is my live, personal support. I’ve set aside this time to give that to you, but I’ll be working on other projects after that. If you’re considering this course, now is the right time to register and take the steps to heal the heartbreak that has been holding you back. See you soon!



There are only 55 total seats in this online course to ensure you get my full attention. And when they sell out there are no more. Although, the DIY option offers unlimited seating - you may not want to go it alone.

How Heartbreak Healed Works

Imagine you have a mentor who is specifically trained to help you through your heartache and heartbreak... and no, I'm not going to "hold you and tell you everything is going to be OK". That NEVER helps. Instead, I'll be sharing content intentionally designed to help you heal in real time.

You'll have access to the Live Webinars, engage in dynamic group discussions and benefit from 1:1 time, where we focus on your personal healing needs.

Not able to make the live webinar or group calls? We'll send the links to the recorded sessions later that day.

Meanwhile, you'll have access to an online community where you'll find additional support and inspiration.

Wednesdays x4 wks
Live Webinar

Fridays x4 wks
Live Q&A and spotlight group coaching call

Weekly ongoing
Live chat on FB Group

Daily ongoing
Peer and team support in FB Group

By Appointment
1:1 Coaching call with me

Who else offers lifetime ongoing support? You'll find me and my team in our online private group with Office Hours as well as bonus AMA sessions, this is where we're online and ready to answer questions and provide personal support. You'll also benefit from ongoing team-led and peer support in our private online group.

"I just completed Heartbreak Healed - and the tears just keep coming! Good tears, happy tears. I was married for 35 years, separated 18 months and am nearing the final stretch. My divorce is almost final!!! I can't explain how much I have changed, you'll have to try it yourself and see. I promise this is a COMPLETELY AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING COURSE. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Thank you so much for your wisdom, insight and support.Margie, Southern California

This is THE Program for You if You Can Answer YES to Any of the Following:

  • You're currently suffering with pain and hurt from a breakup, separation, death or divorce - regardless of when it happened.
  • You lack confidence in dating, or starting a relationship, you find yourself feeling anxious about getting things 'wrong' again.
  • You've stayed in relationships that fail to launch or relationships that were doomed to fail, hitting obstacle after obstacle.
  • You're burned out from past experiences and the whole dating thing or conversely it’s feeling kinda "2 am - last call".
  • You run from intimacy, commitment or have an intense fear of trusting again - in case they disappoint you, too.
  • You've experienced abuse of any sort, you're left questioning your worth and perhaps at times, your sanity.
  • You feel hungry in your relationship, wondering how you can be so in love and yet feel so alone.
  • You don’t feel good about yourself; you people please, seek validation, or overcompensate.
  • You're not getting what you really need and want in a partner or from prior partners.
  • Your relationships follow the same pattern. Same shit - different day.
  • You want to meet "The One" and you want to do it right this time.
  • You've settled for less than you deserve.
  • You've forgotten who you truly are.

Will this work to "fix" the relationship I'm in?

Absolutely, it can and it has. This course will help you redefine and refine your relationship even if what you find is, it's time to walk out the door. You'll learn how to communicate your needs and how to work forward from there. Ultimately, you'll heal and find your healing in the letting go - letting go of the past, your ego or the relationship.

Choose Your Path

Heal your heart the way that works best for you.


Work at your own pace

Self-study route with minimal intervention from me. Your access to the pre-recorded LIVE lessons (webinars and group calls) will be sent as soon as they're released. Your workbook and gratitude journal will come digitally delivered.

Perfect if you’re on a budget or you want to work your way through the course at your own pace.

Group Support

Be part of a community

Everything the DIY program offers plus the benefit of peer wisdom and greater accountability. You’ll participate in the Webinars and group calls LIVE. 

Ideal if you want guidance and input from me directly, but don’t need to be coached through the program individually.

Personally Guided

Get mentored and coached

Everything the Group Support program offers and you've got me as your success and accountability partner! I'll help you get things moving and personally guide you through your program. Plus you get four one-hour 1:1 coaching calls with me.

Perfect if you're able to be coached and want to make massive change in record time!

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