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Taking Care of Business Day – All Things Social

June 27, 2018 @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

taking care of business day

Your invitation to the next “Taking Care of Business Day”

Calling all home based entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners in or around North Orange County – South Los Angeles County! Join me for a Taking Care of Business Day. It’s a chance to get out of the house and meet other entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners while Taking Care of Business (i.e. getting your work done!)


TODAY’S FOCUS: All things social – but you can work on anything your little heart desires!

Each month we’ll have a different theme, vary the schedule and meet in different locales to keep things interesting, engaging and fun. This is a change of pace from your normal work week. I know how hard it can be to keep momentum, motivation and accountability up when you are a team of one.

Or worse yet, what happens when you lead a team and find yourself at a creative well that has run dry? That’s EXACTLY why I travel to get some of my work done. And perhaps logistically or financially it doesn’t make sense to you to hole up in a hotel room for three days to put the finishing touches on a project (although it makes perfect sense to me 😀 – I love room service and blackout curtains) This is your chance to get away for the day and get more done and still be home for dinner.



30 min — Introductions, goal & intention setting. What you want to accomplish today, what you might help others with and what you may need some direction with.
50 min — Take Care of Business
10 min — Break, check in and feedback
50 min — Take Care of Business
10 min — Break, check in and feedback
50 min — Take Care of Business
10 min — Break, check in and feedback
30 min — Lend a Hand by providing assistance or get a helping hand from one of our members.


PLEASE NOTE: The Lend a Hand aspect of the day is about helping each other problem solve and take a next step – not about selling, doing for or full on training.

Example: I’m a speaker, author and success coach and I’ve developed a fascination with graphic design and art work. I can show you how to create branded content for your social media and marketing.


Why put on lipstick and leave the house?

Because Amazon delivers everything! Some of us *ahem, me* almost never leave the house anymore. While I don’t miss having a job, I do sometimes miss the social aspect of working outside the home. It’s nice to have other people as a sounding board for your ideas and plans.

A Taking Care of Business Day is ideal for those of you who might be feeling shut in or disconnected because of your work. It’s a change of scenery, that adds to your creativity. You’ll have the chance to network and meet new people, it’s always nice to make new friends. And finally, you’ll get focused and targeted feedback whatever you’re working on. I don’t know about you, but my dog offers zero constructive feedback on any of my work.


What you should I work on:

You have a business – there’s always something to work on! Email lists, marketing content, your book, your next launch, social media management – the choice is yours. This is also a great place complete your follow ups, meet your deadlines and plan for the week ahead in a focused and supportive environment. You can always step away to make a phone call but if you need to be on the phone for a majority of our time together, bear in mind that some locations will be better suited for that than others.


What to bring to your Taking Care of Business Day:

Whatever you need to get your work done. Laptop, notepad, writing instruments, it’s up to you. We’ll provide beverages, snacks and in most locations we’ll make sure WIFI is available.



Register here -> https://app.fullslate.com/services/1585?fsk=kimberlyrinaldislessonsinjoyfulliving

Suggested Donation: $10-$20


This month we’ll be meeting in my residence – Whittier, Ca 90602 – you’ll receive the address and contact information with your confirmation



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