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Intentions and the road to hell

Last year on day 7 of a 28-day Reiki intentions exercise, I realized that sometimes the universe really does ask, “How much do you want this?” 


So while putting my attention and intentions toward making improvements in my life, here were some of the challenges I encountered that week:


1. A piece of jewelry I wear nearly every day and has tremendous sentimental value went missing. It ultimately turned up, but only after I had been through the emotional wringer of not being sure I’d ever see it again. Surprisingly, some inner work came up that I thought was completely resolved in my world, and it sounded like this: YOU DON’T DESERVE NICE THINGS, THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. That’s what the shit-flinging monkey who occasionally resides in my head kept repeating over and over as I frantically searched for my necklace. Logically, I knew the words were not true. Emotionally, I was beating myself up for having lost something that was important to me. This gave me the opportunity to be kinder to myself throughout the week as an exercise. Kindness.


2. My newish computer crashed. Three days out of warranty. Blue screen of death, operating system failure. This gave me the opportunity to be grateful for the other two computers that I do have (and the roughly 15 others I have had in the last 20 years) that haven’t given me a single lick of trouble. Gratitude.


3. A security guard fell asleep behind the wheel and managed to hit the only vehicle parked on the block: mine. While I am grateful that it was handled appropriately, I chose to find the humor in this. One. Freaking. Car. Mine. And he hit it. It is kind of funny, years ago I learned you can get pissed off and write the check or you can laugh and write the check – ultimately you’re still writing the check. So I find humor. Laughter.


It really helps, but don’t expect life to not get in the way


Working with manifesting and intentions doesn’t magically make all of the challenges in life disappear – they exist, they are there, you can’t ignore them. What it does is it makes you change your perspective. You can’t work to improve your life if you’re focusing on what’s wrong with your life. So start to see what’s right with each circumstance or how you can improve it with a perspective shift.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer 



What are you doing to work with intentions, manifesting and LOA?