Life's Tough Lessons - Inspirational Art

Custom Framed - ​Hand Embellished - Giclée Prints
Each 5x7 an original piece of art

Kimberly Rinaldi Author

Wanna know a secret?


Every print has 3 -7 positive and powerful affirmations meant for your creative consciousness to see. They are worked into the design and concealed from the naked eye. Yet, they are there for you. And they are there for the recipient of your gift - BTW, these make great gifts.


Take a look at Jingle - look closely at the snowflake. What appears to be the center is the word Be. Surrounded by the words - Bold, Awesome, Brave, Inspiring, Unique and Adventurous. Another bit of empowerment I share in my work. 


That's the only secret I'm giving up right now, you'll have to look for the other messages. Some are hidden in plain sight, some go a little deeper. 

Kimberly Rinaldi motivational speaker


Speaker, Author, Radio Personality and Success Coach – Kimberly Rinaldi is known for her unique view on things and her to the point, “Life’s too short for bullshit” coaching and teaching style.


Founder of Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network –, she brings this line of inspirational art – Life's Tough Lessons – to you with the intent that you own the power of your thoughts and words.


“Often I’m told, I was just thinking that and I can’t believe you said it out loud!

Here’s to the power of saying things out loud.

Thoughts are powerful, words are spells. As girls were taught to stick to sugar & spice… And all that other bullshit. We're women now. Women who have lived, loved and learned a bit about this thing called life.

And frankly, some of life’s lessons are tough. If you survive them you're made of even tougher stuff! For that, I applaud you.

And as in life, it’s in the flaws, falls and fractures - that’s where you’re going to find your strength and power. Every. Damn. Time. And tough lessons deserve tough language.

I wish you many, many blessings. The power to survive your lessons. And the courage to speak your spells!"


Each original hand embellished piece of art is designed with intentional flaws (the frames too) for the purpose of reminding you - that like life, if you can see the beauty, the artistry and accept the flaws, you'll have learned a much more powerful lesson than if you hadn’t experienced the imperfections.


Perhaps something speaks to you in the artwork. Perhaps something pushes a button. It’s in the strong responses: the love - the resistance and the discomfort that you'll identify where you perhaps are growing or need to grow next. 

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Life's Tough Lessons -

Sweet inspirations with a side of let's make shit happen!

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