Because Your Net Worth Has Everything To Do With Your Self Worth​

This e-course is for you -

  • Money is a hot topic in your relationships - you either fight about it or you just don't talk about it
  • You can't break a specific sales or income threshold  - 100k for example 
  • You can't seem to get ahead - you close a big sale, then you need a new roof/transmission/root canal 
  • You attain financial success then you sabotage yourself - again... 
  • You overspend, over compensate or give to excess - you just can't seem to say no to the people you care about 

In this e-course, you'll:

  • Identify your core beliefs about money - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Discover the 3 Ways Your Self Worth Impacts Your Net Worth - It's called programming and your beliefs drive your self worth - your internal dialog and ultimately your bottom line
  • Master 3 Powerful Tools guaranteed to change your programming -- you'll replace the old, negative thoughts and behaviors with positive, powerful programming - permanently 
  • Change your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in relation to money, wealth and abundance - Be, Do and Have what you really want in life
  • Take home a detailed plan and guide - designed to effectively maintain these changes and assist you in any future need for financial core belief changes - yes, you'll be able to do this on your own
  • Take home a powerful mindset management tool - this will help you put your thoughts about success in the right perspective



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Kimberly Rinaldi success coach, wealth workshop, money mindset

Mindset & Money Mastery  -
Because your beliefs impact your bottom line.


And your beliefs come from your upbringing, past circumstances, your thoughts, words of the people around you and the media.

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"Thank you so much for class last night. Just amazing what you devote to our tiny class. I'm making many baby steps towards a richer more peaceful life thanks to you! You're a big part of my gratitude journal."

Tucson, Az

"I am so excited for the next teleclass as well. I need to put an end to this personal development drought once and for all. Thank you so much for all you do, I am most grateful to you Kimberly. Blessings!!!"

Santa Monica, Ca

"Thank you so much for your help in class today and in past sessions too.  You have helped me so much.  I have been in such desperate need and I always feel so much better after our classes.  I know I am going to have a wonderful and restful vacation because of our work.  You are a God send and you truly have such a gift."

San Antonio, Tx