For me it isn’t whether the glass is half-full or half-empty; I’ve learned to be grateful for the damn glass.

That’s the philosophy I live with at this point my life. Gratitude and positivity practically exude from my very pores.  But it wasn’t always this way.

Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the following behaviors – as yours, a coworker’s, a friend, yours, a family member, YOURS …


Negative Nelly – Nothing ever goes right for them. They never have the right partner, the right job, or enough money, and no one really understands them, EVER. They can’t see the positive side of things because, to them, it simply doesn’t exist. Their life is the worst and it’ll never get better because the whole universe is obviously conspiring to make it so.

You try to point out how they can change, you try to show them what’s good in their life; it’s wasted effort. Frankly, their lives are in the toilet because that’s what they believe. You’re never going to change their belief set, and it’s only bringing you down when you try.

The Critic – Nothing is ever right, nothing is ever good enough, you will never measure up. And you shouldn’t have to try. Whether the Critic is you or someone else in your life, you have to understand that you have value. By simply being here, you have value. This is not something you have to earn or work toward. Two words — I AM — should be enough for you to know that your mere existence provides an intricate piece to the puzzle that is life.

So the next time the Critic sounds off inside your head or is seated across from you at a family dinner, take a deep breath and begin to repeat in your head all of the wonderful I AM’s about beautiful you.

Drama Queen – Whether they’re adrenaline junkies or not, their goal if things are going right in the world is to screw it up somehow. Everything. Is. A. Crisis. From how their boyfriend failed to return their call last night to the conspiracy at work that keeps them from advancing. They are exhausting to be around.

Do not fuel their fire. Stay out of their drama. Don’t let your adrenaline and your emotions get caught up in what they are going through. Extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible if you need to. Remain calm, peaceful and serene, and they will tire of you quickly.

The Bully – They intimidate or manipulate the people around them to serve their needs. This isn’t occasional thoughtlessness; this is habitual manipulative behavior to a self-serving purpose.

Grow a pair. Seriously. Do not accept this behavior. At this point in the game your fear of having your ass kicked and your lunch money taken should be far behind you, left on the schoolyard. Look, if you’re not going to stick up for yourself, no one else will.

The Martyr – Oh how they have sacrificed… And if you didn’t notice they’ll be the first to tell you ALL about it. Their family doesn’t appreciate them, their workplace would probably shut down if not for them, and don’t you remember the last time they _____ for you out of the kindness of their own heart? You see, they don’t do things overtly to manipulate like the Bully does. They rely on guilt and a scoresheet that only they keep. Any kindness from them comes with numerous strings attached.

Best to not accept any gift, assistance, or kindness from them. You simply don’t want to be in their debt. It is a deep well that you can never climb out of.

You may know some or all of these people and you may or may not recognize some of these behaviors in yourself. The point I want to make crystal clear for you is that if you’re looking to live a peaceful, happy, abundant life, you need to surround yourself with peaceful, happy, positive people.

And sometimes you have to start from the inside out.