Before you finalize your order, consider an INSIDER UPGRADE...

Upgrade Your Workshop & Masterclass

Add Recordings,
Transcripts, etc.

$200 value


  • Why stress about missing something important or having to take notes? With recordings and transcripts, you can focus on being fully present to get what you need most from the workshop & masterclass.  
  • Insider access to digital content with presentation notes, handouts, workbooks, transcripts, training manuals, PDF slides, etc. all uploaded to the member site - content varies by session, event, workshop & masterclass.

Add Mindset and
Motivation Partners

$1275 value


  • Don't waste time, energy, and effort on strategies that make things harder than they need to be. Get expert guidance and more traction from your workshop experience. Two sessions for the price of one - you get access to the follow-up session next week to help you practice your new skills and answer all your questions.    
  • Build powerful new outcomes with mindset and motivation partners. Includes weekly 30-minute sessions and daily text reminders to maintain your practice. 
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