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  • Why stress about having to take notes or missing something important? Insider Upgrade, allows you to focus all your energy, attention, and intention on being fully present during the event. Participate, ask questions, and seek individual guidance live and in real-time, first let's make sure you get what you need most from this program. Then you'll have all the tools you need to repeat/maintain your success later, in real life, on your own, just as easily.     
  • Insider Upgrade gives you access to digital content including presentation notes, handouts, workbooks, transcripts, training manuals, PDF slides, recordings, etc. all uploaded to the member site - content varies by session, event, workshop & masterclass.

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  • You'll find powerful new outcomes with mindset and motivation partners. Includes 12 months of LIVE weekly 30-minute Monday AM sessions where we focus on helping you get what you want out of life.
  • PLUS you'll get expert guidance, and get more traction from your event experience, it's like 2 sessions for the price of 1 - Insider Upgrade takes your registration for this week's event and adds next Saturday's follow-up session to help you better understand, apply and master your new skills. Have questions, want clarity, need advice-assistance-guidance-perspective? We're there for you for the follow-up session. Join our Joyful Journey Mentors for a follow-up session to build on Saturday's successes.       
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