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Life Alignment Program


Time will continue to pass.

You can choose to join us or not, your life is all about your choices. Where are those choices taking you???

Are you consistently moving towards what you want in life? Feeling good about yourself, your relationships, and the world around you? 

YES: Good for you! You're truly in alignment with what you want. You're doing all the right things, you're participating in the conscious construction of your life. You feel as if the world is conspiring with you. No matter what, you feel that you can adapt and thrive. Then this is a great refresher for you to master some of the most powerful, yet easy-to-learn strategies for staying on the right track no matter what life throws at you. 

NO: I know just how frustrating this is for you, sometimes it feels like you can't catch a break no matter what you do. The good news is you'll find the solution very simple once you figure out your Success Path Alignment.

If you currently find yourself further from your goals, dreams, and aspirations, or you're "stuck" in a repeating cycle you know you need to break free from, or you're in search of what comes next in your life, then take a moment and imagine:

  • You heal something that's been a burden on your heart
  • Perhaps you find and fulfill the ways you need to love and care for yourself more
  • Maybe you discover how to make your life easier, more playful, and less stressed
  • What if you do all these things and more in our next 21-Day Life Alignment Program

Seats Are Limited

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You'll Feel Better

When you feel better, life is better.
More joy = less bullshit.

Unconscious Thoughts, Beliefs, Decisions, Behaviors (TBDBs) - something is holding you back from feeling happy, healthy, and whole.

Harness the powers of your brain (mind), your biology (body), and Eternal Divine Consciousness (spirit) to reprogram your life for all the health, happiness, and success you want.


100% Natural, with no side effects, you'll get immediate, long-lasting results. Guaranteed.

Heal - pain, anxiety, depression, chronic conditions, heartbreak, etc.

Create - motivation, confidence, boundaries, self-love, and more.

Ignite - growth, love, passion, wealth, intuition, creativity, and joy.

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You'll save time, money, effort, and energy as you move toward the life you want.

Your Success Path will outline the fastest, easiest, and best way to get where you want to be in life.

Your Support Team  meet students, mentors, and experts who've been right where you are.

Join Us LIVE! For 21-Day Life Alignment Program

Success Secrets to Improving Your Life No Matter What They Throw at You

Happy Hour - Thursdays 4-5 PM
Strategies, tools, and expert tips that make life easier so you feel better.

  • 06/02 Mind
    The Simple Secret to Changing Your Life
  • 06/09 Body
    What Do You Need to Feel Better?
  • 06/16 Spirit
    Discover Your Ability to Manipulate Energy and Matter
  • 06/23 Business/Money
    Understand Why Money Mindset Matters

Workshop & Masterclass - Saturdays 7-9 AM
A deeper dive into Thursday's work; advanced strategies, tools, and expert guidance from mentors who've successfully navigated these waters.

  • 06/04 Mind
    7 Ways to Change Your Mind for the Best Outcomes
  • 06/11 Body
    Stop Feeling Bad in 5 Easy Steps
  • 06/18 Spirit
    Picture Your Perfect Life: Self-Hypnosis, Meditation, Daydreaming, etc.
  • 06/25 Business/Money
    Stand In the Flow of Money, Wealth, and Abundance

$1,500+ Value
Upgrades Available: Recordings, Transcripts, Private Strategy Session, and Private Coaching

21-Days - ONLY $21