Would a payment plan help you reach your dreams faster?

Sometimes you need an extra incentive to make the decision. I would hate to think you missed out on your dream life because you didn't have the help you needed. While the pay in full savings is pretty impressive, sometimes you just need to spread your payments out a bit. And that's fine too. 

Joyful Journey

Why Join the Journey?

Because a group of like-minded people like you, meeting regularly to tackle life's challenges together is more successful than you doing it on your own. Growing in a group is not only more effective, it's more fun too!

You'll have a community to lean on, learn from. You'll support and celebrate each other in all areas of your development - Spirit, Body, Mind & Business | Finance.

While many groups are strictly peer-to-peer mentoring, ours is a composite that includes advanced students and clients as well as trusted colleagues. You'll have access to expert support, training, team mentoring, and guest speakers.

  • Join our exclusive community, stop feeling alone - our members need you just as much as you need them, you'll have advisors, friends, mentors, and of course me to guide you every step of the way.
  • New information and collaboration are key - master the mindset, the art, and science of living joyfully while you expand your network - if you have a business, you know how important your network is.
    • Don't have a business? No worries, consider this your inner circle of support - your team. These men & women are on the same path as you. They're seeking healing, growth, and connection. Just like you.  
  • You'll be part of something BIGGER, so working to a common good it's easier, faster, and much more powerful - you can't help but level up when surrounded by amazing souls doing amazing things - you'll find ways to help and support eachother through your respective networks, charitable causes, work, and passion projects.

To Live Joyfully You Must Self-Actualize -
You Must Be the Best Version of You There is

It's both the journey and the destination. Imagine being able to:

  • Experience life like a child, fully invested in each moment. None of the old stuff creeping in to ruin it for you. No more worrying about what may go wrong. No more time, energy and resources wasted on imaginary scenarios that practically never play out the way you thought they would.
  • Try new things instead of sticking to the same paths that have given you the life you have now. Imagine everything you’ll accomplish when your fear of failure and fear of making a mistake are gone for good! You’ll trust your direction 100% because you’ll know exactly what’s right for you. And for the people who count on you.
  • Listen to your own feelings in evaluating experiences instead of the voice of tradition, authority, or the majority. You 👏🏻 Are 👏🏻A 👏🏻Divine 👏🏻Spark 👏🏻of 👏🏻Creation! At the end of the day, the ONLY opinion that matters is yours. You will fall in love with and want to protect who you truly are.
  • Avoid pretense or 'game playing' and be honest. Your bullshit meter will be finely tuned in. You’ll seek out people who want to connect at a deeper and more profound level. 
  • Hold your values and views even if they do not coincide with those of the majority. The love, honor and respect that you have for mankind is second only to the amount of love, honor and respect you have for yourself.
  • Take responsibility and work hard to reach your goals, dreams and desires. You understand that life is filled with lessons and the more proficient you get at them the faster you get through them. 
  • Identify your defenses and have the courage to give them up. Your goal is to be your best, do your best, give your best and live your best. It’s your journey back home to you.

When you self-actualize, you…

  • Perceive reality efficiently and can tolerate uncertainty
  • Accept yourself and others without judgment
  • Are spontaneous in thought and action
  • Experience solution centered problem solving
  • Have an unusual sense of humor
  • Look at life objectively
  • Are highly creative
  • Resist cultural norms
  • Are concerned for the welfare of humanity
  • Have a deep appreciation of basic life-experience
  • Establish deeply satisfying relationships
  • Seek peak experiences
  • Need privacy
  • Have strong moral/ethical standards

It's time to level up and lead by example...

You are the leaders, mentors, wives, husbands, fathers and mothers who are shaping our future generations.

You're here for a reason...  Perhaps you've been exposed to a new way of thinking about what you really want in your life. Perhaps you want more - Joy, Peace, Happiness and Balance. Or you've grown in your understanding of your place in the world. Maybe you've experienced my work and now you want the support and community we provide.

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Let's Do This Together!

  • Retreat ($6,000 value)
    Annual immersion in a nurturing, healing, and growth-focused environment - virtual for now
  • Reset ($4,000 value)
    Quarterly events focused on improving your mind, body spirit, business, & finances
  • Mentoring, Motivation, Support, Inspiration & Guidance ($12,000 value)
    Weekly meetings where we'll focus on your needs in real-time
  • Workshop & Masterclass ($14,400 value)
    Weekly strategy-learning-expansion-growth sessions to keep you thriving - includes special guest speakers
  • Masterclass Bonus Materials ($1,200 value)
    These are the "how-to" manuals for maintaining your positive changes
  • Online Community ($1,200 value)
    Gather and grow together
  • Member Content Archive ($2,400 value)
    Available to you for easy reference - program year specific
  • Member Savings, Advance Sales, Registration, & VIP Access ($$$ value)
    Save BIG on programs, products, and services before anyone else
  • Renewal Savings ($$$ value)
    Save 50% when you PIF within your renewal window
  • Fast Action Bonus ($10,000 value)
    1:1 Coaching in your (1) 30-minute intake session 

    +1 Guest Ticket to Retreat
    Retreat VIP upgrade for you and your guest
  • Double Fast Action Bonus ($5,000 value)
    Half-Day Breakthrough Session - not available anywhere else
  • Triple Fast Action Bonus ($2,000 value)
    Save when you pay in full today - the payment plan is at full price
  • Spend the Next Year Consciously Creating More Joy in This World (Total Value $58,200+++)
    Experiencing more joy in your life and sharing it with people you care about - PRICELESS

Do this because you want to...

  • Communicate better with others - Imagine having the right words, innately knowing exactly what others need to hear
  • Develop deeper, more meaningful relationships - You'll become a beacon for more positive and productive relationships
  • Get better at your "business" or work - You'll be connecting through your life purpose to everything you do
  • Connect with the joyful path in life - You'll find yourself  with the right people, in the right place and at the right time
  • Be present in everything you do - You'll enjoy a sense of peace and purpose like you've never felt before - we call that living joyfully
  • And in business, you'll improve sales conversations, interview outcomes, and any negotiation - When you're connecting at a deeper level, you'll know exactly which ones pursue and which ones to let go with love


Perfect for YOU if...

  • You know being your best version of self will create your best relationships and you want to surround yourself with like-minded positive, powerful women working on the same goals.
  • You want to take responsibility for clearly communicating your needs, values, and boundaries because you know you deserve to be treated with compassion and respect and you're committed to leading by example. 
  • You want life to be easier for you and your family; you understand this really is all about mindset, attitude, and perspective. 
  • You've been working on healing what you need to from your past and you know you are capable of living in grace and gratitude for all of your experiences. 
  • You are ready to find passion in your life's work and to help others with the gifts you have to share. 
  • You know that to be happier, love deeply, to feel at peace, and to know joy, grace, and gratitude it all starts within. Every time. 
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your health and wellness; you're ready to explore quantum healing and the mind-body-spirit connection.
  • You want to create as much JOY as you possibly can in the time you have left because your legacy is the love you leave behind. It's time to go make joy for yourself and others. 

Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your life.

(some subjects we cover - this is not a comprehensive list and is subject to change.)

Love & Relationships

Sex & Intimacy


Business & Finances

Business start-up
Estate planning


Home, Family & Parenting

Aging parents


Travel & Leisure


Health, Diet & Exercise

Weight loss
Alternative healthcare
Beauty secrets


Personal Growth

Healthy boundaries
Explore spirituality
Find more JOY