Does Intuition Matter?

Studies have shown that using your intuition when compared to making exclusively left-brained, rational decisions results in better outcomes.

They've discovered that people who actively develop their intuition consistently make better choices in less time.

They’re also much more likely to trust those decisions. Imagine being able to make quick decisions with less stress and without second-guessing yourself. But that’s just one of the benefits you’ll gain from developing your intuition.

  • You begin to make better, faster decisions without second-guessing yourself.
  • You’ll know when to wait for more information or better timing.
  • You'll know who to trust practically instantly.
  • Know when to say no, imagine being able to filter out the unnecessary crap from your life.
  • Clearly hear your inner guidance, discover hidden truths and keep true to your values.
  • You'll be more creative and by default smarter.
  • You'll enjoy stepping out of your comfort zone, enjoying new experiences.
  • You’ll learn when to say yes to what you need to.
  • You'll build stronger relationships by connecting at a deeper level, feeling empathy and non-judgment for those you are connected with. #everyone.
  • Find your purpose or calling, you’ll be drawn to what is for you and release what's not.
  • Reduce your stress levels.
  • Experience self-empowerment, you’ll quiet the “shit-flinging-monkey” that lives in your head.
  • Feel more JOY and contentment – seriously, look at the list above, how can you go wrong investing your time connecting with your inner GPS.

When you learn to listen to that inner voice/that gut feeling/your intuition you’re going to reap all the benefits noted and many more. Your life will get easier, you’ll be immensely happier, and you’ll live with purpose and passion. You’ll find you have much better friends, the best love relationships, and the world will be a generous and glorious place to live.

With benefits like this, it’s understandable that you’d want to discover where you are in your intuitive development and identify where your next best step should be. Take the quiz and get started today!