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  • What Hypnosis is and How it Works
  • Just How Effective Hypnosis Will Be for YOU Specifically and What it Takes to Guarantee Successful Outcomes
  • General Health Benefits and Specific Healing Interventions (Blood Pressure, Pain, Addiction, Smoking, Weight, Cancer, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, PMS, Menopause, Morning Sickness, Allergies, Asthma, and So Much More...)

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Saturday, April 1, 2023
Online from 7-9 AM Pacific Time
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Feel Better Than You Ever Imagined

When you feel better, life IS better.
More JOY = More of what you want in life = More JOY

Something is holding you back, let's change that. Imagine your life feeling happy, healthy, and whole - and no matter what happens you have the secret key to getting back to this state.

Learn the secrets you need to engage, override and reprogram your brain (mind), bio-hack your biology (body), and call upon your Divine Eternal Consciousness in communion with God, Jesus, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, and Ancestors (spirit), open pathways to all manner of abundance (business & personal finance) as you consciously create your life moving forward, filled with more of what matters to you.


100% Natural, with ZERO side effects, you'll get immediate and long-lasting or permanent results from each session. GUARANTEED.


Heal - pain, anxiety, depression, chronic conditions, heartbreak, etc.

Create - motivation, confidence, boundaries, self-love, and more.

Ignite - growth, love, passion, wealth, intuition, creativity, and JOY.

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Stop trying to do this on your own, learn from experts who've been right where you are now.

Save time, resources, and energy by mastering the secrets to changing everything.

Imagine healing in the length of an exhale... it can be that easy, it can be that quick.