Nurture. Lead. Inspire.


Nurture Yourself First

Until you fill your pitcher, you're incapable of filling another's cup. This is about taking care of you. The you who cares for so many others in your world. Join us on an adventure of the soul and the spirit. It's a play date, a slumber party and a place to honor what you need next. We have retreats, VIP experiences and so much more to offer you.


We'll hold a light to the path for you and guide you as you walk through your nurturing journey. Try a VIP Breakthrough or a retreat.

Lead Don't Follow

Live your authentic life. Step up as a leader by being your very best. You can train to serve others as a Success Coach or incorporate these trainings into your work in Sales, Management or Process Improvement. Or perhaps being a leader means better communication, relationships and getting the best from your family, your clients, your team, your staff and the world around you.


Learn Conversational Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Gestalt Based Timeline Therapy, Reiki, and other powerful tools and techniques to facilitate change for yourself and others.

Inspire Others

Spark and Sparkle. Get the support, tools and strategies you need to live a life filled with JOY and PURPOSE.


And more importantly, bring your sparkle to ignite the spark in others. You also get to step up as a mentor and guide. It's important to lead exactly from where you are. And to seek guidance from those who've gone before you. It's all part of this thing we call connection.


Nurture. Lead. Inspire.
Helping women sparkle
from the inside out.

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