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  • Support and guidance for your specific needs - from mind-science and metaphysical to faith-based tools, tips, and strategies, we'll help you move forward. Each of us is on the same path, seeking to expand on what's important in our lives. It's all the good stuff life has to offer. Your life will overflow with health, happiness, family, faith, friendship, connection, peace, balance, healing, joy, and so much more...
  • The motivation you may be missing - train your brain to work with you, add the magic of being your authentic self, and you'll spring out of bed every morning with nothing less than a winning mindset and the behaviors to back it up. Add the circle of support we're building and you'll find you're bound by nothing and capable of anything. 
  • Stop feeling alone in your challenges, join our deeply rooted community, and be part of something BIGGER. You'll find working towards your goals much easier, more powerful, and much more rewarding - you can't help but level up when surrounded by women doing amazing things motivated by gratitude, love, and faith. You'll have advisors, friends, mentors, accountability partners, and of course, me to guide you every step of the way.

Many groups are top-down instruction only or strictly peer-to-peer mentoring, ours is a composite that includes advanced students and trusted experts. It's all yours - support, training, team mentoring, and guest speakers. This is your community to learn from, lean on, and grow with.

When a group of like-minded people like you, join together to tackle life's challenges you're going to be more successful than you doing it on your own. Growing in a group is not only more effective, but it's also easier and it's just plain fun being around people who support, inspire and motivate you.

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You'll Feel Better

When you feel better, life IS better.
More JOY = More of what you want in life = More JOY


Take a moment and imagine your new life - the one where you know the very secrets you need to live happy, healthy, and whole. You alone hold the key, I can show you how easy it is to make it happen.

  • Engage, override, and reprogram your brain for more of the love, joy, success, and contentment you want (mind)
  • Discover bio-hacking for improved health and wellness (body)
  • Connect with your Divine eternal consciousness for direct communion with God, Jesus, angels, ascended masters, ancestors, animal spirit guides, and departed loved ones who are available to guide, guard, protect, and inspire you to live more fully (spirit)
  • Clear blocked pathways to all manner of abundance as you consciously create your life wealth moving forward, filled with more of what matters to you (mind, body, spirit, business & personal finance)
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100% Natural, with ZERO side effects, you'll get immediate and long-lasting, even permanent results from each session. GUARANTEED.

  • Imagine your life the way you want it. Peaceful. Comfortable. Joyful.
  • Close your eyes and feel what more motivation, confidence, healthy boundaries, and self-love would do for you.
  • Expand your capacity to experience more love, passion, wealth, intuition, creativity, faith, and JOY.
  • Rediscover who you are without your - physical pain, anger, sadness, fear, frustration, emotional pain, shame, guilt, anxiety, PTSD, grief, jealousy, loneliness, feelings of isolation, righteous indignation, self-sabotage, judgment, resentment, inability to forgive or move past your past. Get past these things and this is who you are meant to be. This is the real you.
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"I have known Kimberly for many years.  I recently became a client after a virus attacked my olfactory nerve and caused me to lose my sense of smell.  My problem was not just limited to the loss.  I had also; somehow, substituted the smell of everyday items with (what I perceived as) a foul odor.  This made coffee, chocolate, French fries, bacon and other things smell (to me anyway) like a cross between a dirty dishrag and nasty vitamins.  Things I used to enjoy were now causing me to gag and become physically ill. 


(Cont'd.) I had seen a neurologist who suggested Hypnotherapy as a tool to assist me in my daily activities.  After completing my sessions I now smell things the way the used to smell to me, the way they smell to everyone else.  I was recently tested at the 5th percentile in my sense of smell (meaning 95% of the population has a better sense of smell than I do).  So, physiologically nothing has changed; however, through the coaching and work I was able to access the memory of the smells I was missing and create a new association to these smells.  Thank You Miss Kimberly, and much love to you."

Jeannie Rhodes
Palm Springs, CA


"I have been working with Kimberly as a coach, to assist me with finding a direction that is more productive and fulfilling to me. Kimberly is non-judgmental in her approach, yet will challenge you to look at the choices you make and how they serve your life and your goals. Kimberly has been available to listen and support whenever needed. I appreciate Kimberly understands we are all in our own spaces and need to walk through things in our own time, yet pushes you to move forward!"

Barbara C.

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PLUS More...

  • Stop trying to do this on your own, learn from experts who've been right where you are now. They've tried, failed, and ultimately found success. They can show you a faster, easier way.
  • Stop settling, tolerating, or excusing the things in your life that aren't making you happy. Master success secrets to changing anything that keeps you from meeting your true potential or living a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Now, imagine your life getting better, easier, and more fulfilling by simply changing your mind...
  • Imagine healing what you need to heal in the length of an exhale...
  • Imagine becoming who you want to be in the blink of an eye...
  • It can be that easy. It can be that quick. And it comes with a guarantee.