I'll help you identify what's missing from your: Life, Career, Relationships, Health, Business or Spiritual Journey. Then we'll strategize the new direction you want your life to take.

You'll expand beyond the limits you currently feel. Beyond the stuck feelings that are your thoughts, beliefs, patterned behaviors and the life you're currently living.

You'll get to your breakthrough quickly and easily, this process is very different from traditional therapy. You'll get to your desired outcome faster than you can imagine. Easier than you ever thought possible. Because it's not your fault that you're not where you want to be. It's your default biology at play. 

When you learn to own your values and truly know your value you'll begin to rewire your brain for ongoing success.

Think about where your life would be without the TBDB's (thoughts, beliefs, decisions, and behaviors) that are holding you back. 

14 Day Guided Journey to a Joy Filled Life Success Path

I have a wicked sense of humor and I'm a textbook introvert. I believe in the inherent good of others and trust we're all doing the best we can under the circumstances. I have healthy boundaries and I've healed from the trauma and drama of my past, which included: substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, childhood sexualization and the low self-esteem, pain, shame and self-loathing that goes hand in hand with these experiences.

In the interest of full disclosure, I use "language", I don't tolerate excuses, I sometimes rock a tiara and if I can put glitter on it, you can bet your ass I will!

I look forward to sharing my lessons in joyful living with you!

Kimberly Rinaldi Success Coach San Diego