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"I have known Kimberly for many years.  I recently became a client after a virus attacked my olfactory nerve and caused me to lose my sense of smell.  My problem was not just limited to the loss.  I had also; somehow, substituted the smell of everyday items with (what I perceived as) a foul odor.  This made coffee, chocolate, French fries, bacon and other things smell (to me anyway) like a cross between a dirty dishrag and nasty vitamins.  Things I used to enjoy were now causing me to gag and become physically ill. 


(Cont'd.) I had seen a neurologist who suggested Hypnotherapy as a tool to assist me in my daily activities.  After completing my sessions I now smell things the way the used to smell to me, the way they smell to everyone else.  I was recently tested at the 5th percentile in my sense of smell (meaning 95% of the population has a better sense of smell than I do).  So, physiologically nothing has changed; however, through the coaching and work I was able to access the memory of the smells I was missing and create a new association to these smells.  Thank You Miss Kimberly, and much love to you."

Jeannie Rhodes
Palm Springs, CA


"I have been working with Kimberly as a coach, to assist me with finding a direction that is more productive and fulfilling to me. Kimberly is non-judgmental in her approach, yet will challenge you to look at the choices you make and how they serve your life and your goals. Kimberly has been available to listen and support whenever needed. I appreciate Kimberly understands we are all in our own spaces and need to walk through things in our own time, yet pushes you to move forward!"

Barbara C.