It's Your Choice: 7 Day Challenge
Can You Consciously Choose Joy in 7 Days?

YES, you can.
And YOU should, especially if...

  • COVID has impacted your world
  • You feel stress or overwhelm about what’s happening
  • You feel fear or anxiety about the future
  • You feel things from your past that are unresolved and impacting your present
  • You don't want those things impacting your future
  • You need to be at your best for yourself, your family, friends, and community
  • You want to feel better about life
  • You want to experience more Love, Health, Wealth, Balance, Success, Peace, & Personal Power

Nothing is normal in our new normal... And right now you might be feeling out of control somewhere on the spectrum from "Just a smidge" to "Has everyone lost their damn mind!?And that is perfectly normal, even if it doesn't feel good. 

Let's get you feeling better, it will always start with taking the best care of you you possibly can. And you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. You can't work from a deficit and expect great outcomes.

  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water - real food, organic where you can
  • Rest - sleep, disconnect from electronics at least once a week, meditate
  • Exercise - stretch your body, mind, and spirit - that's how you grow and evolve
  • Join the Community - let's find mentors, become friends, and build a community dedicated to making things better for each other and the rest of the world.

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14-Day Guided Journey to a Joy Filled Life
Kat Matthews
Julia Castaneda
Cindi Weinmann
Anita Yee
14 Day Guided Journey to a Joy Filled Life Success Path

14-Day Guided Journey to a Joy Filled Life

Take a 14-Day Guided Journey with me LIVE online - this is not a recorded program. You get real-time attention to your needs with daily LIVE Q&A's. 

It’s not your fault that you don't have what you want in life... it's all been default biology at play. Learn to identify the biology behind your outcomes and how to bio-hack that very biology to get what you want from life moving forward. 
Master these strategies to change how you feel about anything, anytime, any place. Even crap you carry from your past... Then learn the 3 things you must do to for even more Peace, Love, Balance and Joy in your life. (read more)



Live Online Workshops


Focus on Your Goals

1:1 Live Coaching

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Are you exactly where you thought you'd be by this time in your life? Are you happy with who you are and how you feel about yourself? 

Stop settling, tolerating, and just getting by, experience more Joy, Love, Peace, Passion, and Purpose.

Master the skills you need to improve your relationships from this moment forward.

Imagine the deep love and connection you're going to experience by changing a few minor things, you’ll be rewarded with the best relationships of your life.

Take control of your health and wellness. Every cell in your body is programmed for perfect health and wellness, discover what self-healing is all about.

You can easily: Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Control Type II Diabetes or High Blood Pressure, Heal and stop cycling through Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, PMS, or Bat-Shit-Peri-Menopausal-Crazy... I've even seen clients self-heal the big "C". Your body is a miracle and you are in control. 

All things will end, that is the cycle of life. Holding back and holding on is exactly what keeps you stuck in the cycle of loss, regret, and pain. Stop missing out on your life. 

Let go with love, keeping all the good stuff without carrying around the pain, regret, and "what if's" you might currently be feeling. Honor what was, accept what is, and be open to what will be. 

Become part of our online community dedicated to fostering growth and development. You have people who look to you for direction. You influence everyone you care about. You want the best for them, isn't is time you wanted the same for yourself?

Let's do that. Let's take care of you now.

More Success Stories

"I have known Kimberly for many years. I became a client after a virus attacked my olfactory nerve and caused me to lose my sense of smell. My problem was not just limited to the loss. I had also somehow, substituted the smell of everyday items with (what I perceived as) a foul odor. This made coffee, chocolate, French fries, bacon, and other things smell (to me anyway) like a cross between a dirty dishrag and nasty vitamins. Things I used to enjoy were now causing me to gag and become physically ill. 


(Cont'd.) I had seen a neurologist who suggested Hypnotherapy as a tool to assist me in my daily activities. After doing the work, I now smell things the way the used to smell to me, the way they smell to everyone else. I was recently tested at the 5th percentile in my sense of smell (meaning 95% of the population has a better sense of smell than I do). So, physiologically nothing has changed; however, through the work, I was able to access the memory of the smells I was missing and create a new association to these smells."

Jeannie Rhodes
Palm Springs, CA


"I have been working with Kimberly to assist me in finding a direction that is more productive and fulfilling to me. She's non-judgmental in her approach, yet will challenge you to look at the choices you make and how they serve your life and your goals. She's been available to listen and support me where needed. She understands we're all in our own spaces and need to walk through things in our own time, yet she encourages, pushes, and motivates you to move forward!"

Barbara C.