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Personal Development

I know things are weird right now. Nothing is normal in our new normal... Time moves on - with or without our participation. 


And I know you might be feeling out of control somewhere on the spectrum from "Just a smidge" to "Why the hell has everyone lost their damn mind!" 


I can help. You can take control over how you feel about it all. It starts with taking the best care of you you possibly can. I've been shouting that from the rooftops for as long as I can remember. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.


  • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water - real food, organic where you can
  • Rest - sleep, disconnect from electronics at least once a week, meditate
  • Exercise - stretch your body, mind and spirit - that's how you grow and evolve


You just can't work from a deficit and expect great outcomes.

Webinar Topics

Are you exactly where you thought you'd be by this time in your life? Are you happy with who you are and how you feel about yourself? 

  • Stop settling, tolerating and just getting by
  • Learn exactly what it takes to make MORE of your life
  • Experience more Joy, Love, Peace, Passion and Purpose

Improve ALL your relationships from this moment forward

  • Imagine the deep love and connection you're going to experience
  • And all it takes is changing this one little thing...
  • You’ll be rewarded with the best relationships of your life

Do you have a chronic health issue you want to change; did you know that every cell in your body is biologically programmed for perfect health and wellness?

  • You can easily: Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Control Type II Diabetes or High Blood Pressure, Heal and stop cycling through Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, PMS or Bat-Shit-Peri-Menopausal-Crazy...
  • I've even seen clients self-heal the big "C".
  • Guest medical experts will share their experiences too

Heal the heartbreak of death, divorce or any other painful loss

  • Keeping all the good stuff without the pain, regret, and "what if's" you might currently be feeling
  • Learn an exercise that neutralizes that pain whether it's fresh from today or you've been carrying it for decades
  • Many tools take only moments to master...

Business Development

FYI, Business Development isn't just about owning a business, while I fully believe you should,* it's also about the economics of your household and the state of your personal finances.


Do you have any anxiety about money right now? If you do, you're not alone.


The bottom line is we've learned that life can take big giant shit-filled turns we never even saw coming. I'm looking at you Corona Virus...


And here we are - each and every one of us impacted by the financial fallout of this shit show.


Whether you've been forced to stay home and shutter your brick and mortar "non-essential" business or you're just paying more for everyday items as they reflect the production and delivery chain cost increases; we're all being impacted and will be for some time to come.

Webinar Topics

Does money make you feel bad?

  • Because you don't have enough
  • Or you have trouble holding on to what you do make
  • Maybe, you have guilt when things go well for you or conversely, you feel "Why is life so unfair???" when things go well for others and you constantly struggle

Get paid to do what you're already doing.

  • Think about how you'll feel when you have a handle on your finances and you know you can generate income without having to quit your day job (or get one)
  • There is no "Can't afford it" when you know that you're capable of monetizing your expertise
  • From dog walking to teaching how to make your mom's prize-winning apple pie, people are willing to pay you to do what you love

Do you have a secret desire to leave a legacy, to share your experience, thoughts or expertise with the world?

  • Create a family heirloom legacy for your children and their children; I can show you how
  • Step by step, I'll teach you what you should do without having to invest thousands of dollars or take years to make it happen
  • In less than 90 days, you’ll create a tangible, deliverable product that will ensure that legacy is carried forward. Forever. And if you decide to sell it... even better!

Expand your business reach with evergreen marketing.

  • Step out with content-based marketing and step ahead of your competition
  • Create massive reach with collaborative efforts
  • Build a network that will practically grow your business automatically.

A marketing strategy that is cash positive.

  • Learn exactly how to leverage social media to grow your business
  • Do this the right way and you'll make money while acquiring customers
  • Yes, I said make money

Do you have enough money to retire?

  • Without having to change your lifestyle or fearing stock market trends?
  • Would you like a “cash machine" you could manage all on your own?
  • Not everyone wants to make millions; you may only need a few hundred or a few thousand each month to feel that breathing space we call comfortable, easy enough to make happen if you know where to start

Money and financial conversations shouldn't cause anxiety, discomfort, or conflict.

  • Money has no intrinsic value beyond the paper it's printed on or the metal used in casting
  • The most valuable thing it can offer you is the freedom of your time
  • And that's worth it to you, isn't it?

Spiritual Development

There are a number of ways that the "woo woo" can be explored while maintaining healthy skepticism. I call it embracing the woo.


I will always recommend you maintain a healthy dose of skepticism - there are too many people out there willing to take advantage of those who feel powerless, are desperate, in pain and in need.


I want to help you develop your own skill sets because I want you to see at all the potential for service within these "spiritual and metaphysical" tools as well as understand the potential for exploitation.


I spent two decades in healthcare and we call it "Informed Consent". It's the place where you know all you need to know in order to make the best decision you can for you as an individual. All the risks and all the benefits. Knowledge really is power. 

Webinar Topics

Intuition & Psychic Phenomenon

  • Hone your intuition to help you navigate every aspect of your life
  • You are the best judge of what's best for you
  • When you learn how to connect with your deepest internal compass you can never go wrong; life just gets easier


  • This is the stillness that allows you to react in the most appropriate manner possible
  • Take your highly charged emotions and set them aside
  • Reduce stress and improve health and find balance

Energy Healing

  • ALL healing is energy healing
  • Biochemical and bio-electrical processes happen without any conscious effort behind them
  • Focus your attention in the right places and you can drive your health and wellness in the direction you choose

How Uncomfortable Are You Right Now?

I'm creating an online community dedicated to fostering growth and development for you, because you have people who look to you for direction.
You influence everyone you care about. You want the best for them, isn't is time you wanted the same for yourself? Let's do that. Let's take care of you now.


I know you have people who rely on you. And if you're anything like me, you're holding it together for them. But, who do you turn to when you're uncomfortable? When you're afraid? When you're angry?

And what tools do you have to change how you feel? What strategies will you use to make those changes? And who do you consult when you feel stuck, need direction or inspiration?

Let me make it easy for you. 30 minutes. Daily. For 5 days. You'll feel better. I promise. Register today to guarantee your seat.

More Client Success Stories

"I have known Kimberly for many years.  I recently became a client after a virus attacked my olfactory nerve and caused me to lose my sense of smell.  My problem was not just limited to the loss.  I had also; somehow, substituted the smell of everyday items with (what I perceived as) a foul odor.  This made coffee, chocolate, French fries, bacon and other things smell (to me anyway) like a cross between a dirty dishrag and nasty vitamins.  Things I used to enjoy were now causing me to gag and become physically ill. 


(Cont'd.) I had seen a neurologist who suggested Hypnotherapy as a tool to assist me in my daily activities.  After completing my sessions I now smell things the way the used to smell to me, the way they smell to everyone else.  I was recently tested at the 5th percentile in my sense of smell (meaning 95% of the population has a better sense of smell than I do).  So, physiologically nothing has changed; however, through the coaching and work I was able to access the memory of the smells I was missing and create a new association to these smells.  Thank You Miss Kimberly, and much love to you."

Jeannie Rhodes
Palm Springs, CA


"I have been working with Kimberly as a coach, to assist me with finding a direction that is more productive and fulfilling to me. Kimberly is non-judgmental in her approach, yet will challenge you to look at the choices you make and how they serve your life and your goals. Kimberly has been available to listen and support whenever needed. I appreciate Kimberly understands we are all in our own spaces and need to walk through things in our own time, yet pushes you to move forward!"

Barbara C.