Good Things
Nurturing Weekend Retreat

Where women heal, nurture and reclaim their joy!

It's a slumber party, play date, nurturing weekend and profoundly healing experience!



Live your life without compromise or excuses.



Why "Women Only" Events Facilitate Profound Healing and Transformation

Women experience the world in vastly different ways than men. We think, feel and perceive everything with the filter of our feminine makeup. Being intimately familiar with the experiences, emotions and challenges women encounter as they strive to live their greatest potential, I have seen too many women sacrifice their own spirit to fulfill those they love most. It is not healthy and ultimately serves no one. It creates “Chicken Wing Syndrome”.


This 3 DAY event is fully about KNOWING your value and OWNING your values.


Have you spent 1000’s of hours on self help, self medication, traditional therapy, and just about everything else... but you're still not where you want to be in life? Then you understand time is a resource that is limited and one that should be spent wisely.

“The Best Experience I Have Ever Had!
I have been to MANY conferences, retreats and trainings over the years
and this one by far has had the biggest impact on me.”

Jennifer Stowe - Bainbridge, Wa

"My life and my whole way of thinking has changed!"

Kitty Janusz - Whittier, Ca

"The BEST investment in me I have ever made!"

Heather Johnston – Concord, Ca

Don't miss this special opportunity to study with Kimberly Rinaldi,
one of the world's leading transformational teachers.


You'll get support, wisdom, direction and most importantly - TOOLS you need for deep healing, thought shift and profound change.

Through exercises, guided meditations, presentations and one-on-one work with Kimberly and her team, you'll learn valuable lessons about yourself, and discover how to tap into the source of your own intuitive wisdom, power and inner peace. Know your value and own your values.


Kimberly will teach you tools and techniques you can use regularly to integrate your CORE Values into your relationships, work and family life. You will emerge connected to the TRUE abundance of love, power, peace and creativity that has been locked away inside of you -until now.


Whether you're just beginning your journey to emotional, financial and spiritual freedom, or you've been traveling this path for decades, this retreat will show you how to live the life you may have only dreamed of - until now.

I promise you a luxurious, healing, enlightening and life altering weekend.

Where many retreats leave you exhausted and excited, we intend you to go back to your life healed, inspired and changed.  ~ Kimberly

We've Closed the Doors on This Round


  • Training Materials
  • Swag Bag
  • Friday Night Cocktail Meet & Greet
  • All Meals/Refreshments/Beverages Saturday
  • Brunch/Refreshments/Beverages Sunday​

VIP Upgrade Limited to 10 Guests

Standard Registration PLUS...
  • 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching Time Friday or Monday
  • Friday VIP Welcome Luncheon
  • ​Swag Bag Upgrade
  • Monday Morning Spa Date 
  • ​Spa Brunch
  • 30 Minute 1:1 Post Retreat Coaching Call 

​*​NOT INCLUDED in registration or VIP upgrade:  Travel, transfers and hotel/accommodations​


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