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Intro to Holistic Health Care and Your Ability to Self-Heal

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 What is Holistic Health Care? I believe it’s the original health care practice. Holistic health care dates back thousands of years. It embraces the concept that you are “greater than and different from the sum of your parts”. It takes your whole person into consideration. Conversely, Western medicine today still focuses on treating symptoms.   While…

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EFT Tapping as a Healing Strategy

Because EFT tapping is all about energy I’m always looking for new ways to open people’s minds to the possibilities of Emotional Freedom Technique AKA EFT tapping. And especially the concept of energy healing – before I demonstrate it.   So first, I want you to understand…   The law of vibration states all that exists…

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Hypnosis (No, It’s NOT Mind Control)

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Yes, Hypnosis works! No, it’s not mind control. Hypnosis can be tremendously effective in personal care, change and development. But most people have serious questions about it as a therapeutic tool. I’m sure you’ve seen stage hypnosis with subjects who cluck like a chicken or believe they’re drunk on stage. That’s unfortunately where much of the skepticism…

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Radio Show: Chasing Miracles with Tommie Weber

Chasing Miracles in Health and Wellness 07-15-2013 Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she interviews Tommie Weber, Author of “Chasing Miracles,” a book about the crises and miracles of self healing. Find out why alternative health care may not be so alternative after all. Listen to the show You can read…

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