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How to Deal with a Negative Reaction to Change

Change is inevitable It’s OK, your negative reaction to change is normal. Take a breath and relax. That said, you can’t avoid it. Even when you are in full blown denial. You are still changing. From the moment you’re conceived until well after you die. Up to and including the moment your body returns to…

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Why We Resist Change: And How to Change That

why we resist change, lessons in joyful living

We resist change because it’s human nature to try to exert your will over the world around you… But, have you ever tried to push a string uphill? Stop the tide from coming in? Keep the sun from rising? I promise you’ll never succeed at any of these tasks. You’ll exert effort and energy to…

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I'm Calling Bullshit!

Here’s the thing. I’m never going to be able to do the work for you. As much as I’d like to, as easy as it might be, and as much as I might want it more for you than you do yourself – this is your life. These are your responsibilities. So when you don’t…

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5 Easy Steps to Make Changes

Spring is here. The weather is warming and things are beginning to bloom in my garden. Check out my Wisteria! OK, it’s not mine; mine is barely blooming yet. But I love the fragrance and the color. I have had Sweet Pea blossoms for at least a month now (Southern California weather is awesome) and…

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