Can Honest Communication Keep You Happy?

honest communication

A lesson in honest communication About two years after my dad died I had an experience with my mom that led to a story I share in the Heal My Past program. It’s called, Chicken Wing Syndrome. I’ve shared this story for over a decade at this point. And it occurred to me I had never…

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Lessons in Health and Wellness: Juicing

You might be surprised to know that some days it’s just too much effort for me to chew. No, I mean it. Taking the time to stop what I’m doing, prepare a meal, serve the meal, chew the food and clean up the mess … well, some days it’s just too much effort. For that…

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Hypnosis (No, It’s NOT Mind Control)

hypnosis, life coaching, weight loss, lessons in joyful living, health matters, Kimberly Rinaldi

Yes, Hypnosis works! No, it’s not mind control. Hypnosis can be tremendously effective in personal care, change and development. But most people have serious questions about it as a therapeutic tool. I’m sure you’ve seen stage hypnosis with subjects who cluck like a chicken or believe they’re drunk on stage. That’s unfortunately where much of the skepticism…

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