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EFT Workshop – EFT, Try it on Everything

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  EFT Workshop for your health and wellness Spend 12 hours (4 Friday evening and 8 Saturday) working through our intensive EFT training and heal yourself. As all healing is self healing and ultimately, each and every cell of your body carries the DNA coding for perfect health and wellness for you. Why wouldn’t you…

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Heal My Past – Online Breakthrough Course

Heal My Past Online, Lessons in Joyful Living, Kimberly Rinaldi

Heal My Past – Online Breakthrough Course You really can change the past, YOU CAN HEAL IT. Whoever told you, “The past is the past” – was wrong. The past – good, bad or indifferent – affected you. You carry the mark it left upon you as memories, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. So, it really…

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Feeling Stuck? Try Some Emotional Therapy Using N.E.T.

Guest Post By Michelle S. Lim, D.C. “Our emotional reality affects the physiology of our body.” Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all have conditioned reflexes that we’ve acquired in life. Much of these reflexes are necessary for survival and ensure the safety and well being of others. We hit the brakes…

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Hypnosis (No, It’s NOT Mind Control)

hypnosis, life coaching, weight loss, lessons in joyful living, health matters, Kimberly Rinaldi

Yes, Hypnosis works! No, it’s not mind control. Hypnosis can be tremendously effective in personal care, change and development. But most people have serious questions about it as a therapeutic tool. I’m sure you’ve seen stage hypnosis with subjects who cluck like a chicken or believe they’re drunk on stage. That’s unfortunately where much of the skepticism…

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