Meditation Check

I often say prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening for his response. Did you know that just about anything can¬†be a meditation? Here is a list of some that I have done in the past two weeks: Yoga Long walks Drinking a cup of coffee Sitting silently Chanting Listening to music Toning Chi…

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Radio Show: Tools for Stress Relief

Living With Stress? Don’t You Deserve Better? 04-22-2013 Join Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi as she shares her tools for stress relief. Come to understand it isn’t just about what you are feeling in the moment, it’s about the long term effects on your relationships, your health and ultimately your ability to…

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Breathwork – Change Your Energy Level Quickly, Just Breathe.

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What is breathwork Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing.¬†Breathwork is an umbrella term for various practices where the conscious control of breathing is meant to influence your mental, emotional and or physical state. I’ve found strategies for shifting your energy level in mere moments – no equipment, no side effects, and no…

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