10 Signs You're an Entrepreneur at Heart

retro girl wearing sunglasses with lemonade standFor most of my adult life I have surrounded myself with entrepreneurs. I love being around them – they fascinate me. While I went the corporate route for around 20 years, I always had a business or two running on the side – I guess it’s in my genes.

Personally, I advocate that everyone should have at least one entrepreneurial endeavor running, even if you have a JOB. I truly believe that we are all doing something that is marketable.

I often have conversations with people who don’t feel they have any entrepreneurial DNA. I beg to differ. I believe that if you’re willing to look inward, you just might find some of those entrepreneurial genetic qualities expressing themselves.

  1. You are motivated by challenge. The word no is not a be-all and end-all for you – it’s often a personal challenge, a go-ahead and try, a double-dog dare.
  2. You seek solutions. Where others get mired down in the problems, you find your creative juices flowing. Nothing is too far out there for you. People try to think outside the box – you crushed the box long ago.
  3. You eschew the status quo. Where many find the flow of status quo to be a comfortable place to reside, this feels like stagnation. It’s just plain icky.
  4. You’re a daydreamer. While this might have created problems for you in 10th grade algebra, you’ve accepted it’s part of what feeds your business acumen.
  5. You’re a risk taker. You’re not out there whining “But I need a guarantee…” Whether fearless or calculated, risk will always be part of the equation and you accept that reality.
  6. You recover quickly. Failure for you is lack of trying, not an unintended outcome. This goes hand-in-hand with #5. Not every swing is a home run, but each time you’re up to bat you step in, take a breath and swing away.
  7. You can’t sit still. The creative process is oxygen for your soul. You simply can’t live without it. Whether or not you act on all of this creativity is irrelevant. For you, the mind and often the body simply don’t shut down.
  8. You’re flexible. You say yes to opportunity and figure out the details as you go along.
  9. You’re focused on cash flow. No, you’re not necessarily just in it for the money. You do, however, understand that if the lights aren’t on and the doors aren’t open, you serve no one.
  10. You surround yourself with advisors. From coaches and strategic partners to mentors and board of directors, you understand the importance of knowing people who are smarter than you. You know more involved with your development and decision-making both personally and professionally.

I say if you can identify with at least 2 of the above items, then entrepreneurial blood flows through your veins. If you identify with 3 to 5, you’re likely to be a thought leader in your industry. If you identify with 6 to 8, you probably have a business of your own. If you identify with 9 or 10, you probably have your hand in several different businesses all the while simmering a few others in the back burners of your mind at all times.