Why Coaching?

Coaching… it isn’t just for elite athletes and high power executives – it’s for you

Want to launch a new business, change careers or navigate a major life change with a guide, trusted adviser and mentor on your side? Unfortunately, asking a friend, colleague or family member doesn’t feel appropriate – they have their own lives to deal with and may not have the tools you need.

Mostly happy with your life? But feel like something is missing and can’t quite put your finger on it – like an itch you can’t reach, it’s frustrating and the more you try to ignore it the more it consumes you.

Tired of being stuck in the same place doing the same thing? And know you need to make a change or keep dying a little bit inside every day – you’re not exactly unhappy, but you are unfulfilled and it ‘s killing you.

Unable to let go of pain, hurt or trauma from your past? Yet you can clearly see that it’s holding you back – you have anger, sadness, shame, grief, guilt, frustration, anxiety, PTSD, fear or any combination of these as a painful and daily reminder of your past.

You simply want to be the best version of you that you can be. You know that’s the purpose of being here – now – and time is of the essence, the world is waiting. 


Each of these experiences are very normal and very much a part of the human condition. They are also a great reason to venture into the wonderful world of coaching. If you live long enough you’ll likely experience most, if not all, of the above conditions. Maybe more than once. I know I have. And that’s why I coach. I want to help you be the best version of you that you can be. The world needs that from you. You need that from you. And your friends and family need that from you.



What is Coaching?

First and foremost – it’s not therapy. Therapy sucks. Coaching is about making change and reaching goals, efficiently and effectively.

Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people, parents, couples and business owners are turning to. And they’re doing it to enhance their lives, family life, business and the world they impact. Success Coaching is a personalized, customized process that builds on your capabilities and strengths. All while providing you new skills, strategies and tools to effect change in your life. The coach’s primary responsibility is to motivate and train the client to achieve their potential in the area of concern. After completion of a coaching term, the client will have developed a specific set of skills needed to achieve their goals. Essentially, we don’t give you a fish – we teach you to fish, show you the best spot, give you the best equipment and make sure you know how to use it.


New Coaching Clients always have questions, which is great! The most important one being, “Will this work for ME???” The easiest way to begin is usually a 30-minute consultation to talk about your goals and establish an action plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your Action Plan will include items such as:

  • In depth review of your personal history
  • Review of your goals and dreams
  • Identifying and defining your values and boundaries
  • Achieving clear and concise communication
  • And much more!


Client, listener and student feedback

I was a patient of Kimberly’s when I lived in CA. She helped me tremendously with my MS pain management. ~ B. Kelley, Virginia


”The chicken wing syndrome: what an original story and way to name this state of mind – it will stay in our memory forever!!! And the image of the man with the cookie: even if I know it and have been reading for years about differences between man and woman, I often get mixed emotions when I see one of my men doing a such thing!!! And what about that EFT experience!!! In just 30 seconds I saw the faces of all the persons in my surrounding “helping me to sit down” for the last four decades!!! Thank you Nathalie for introducing us to Kimberly’s generosity in giving strong images and tips.” from Do What You Really Love‘s audience member


Hello Kimberly I so like your beautiful interview and the choices you spoke of. I’m finally entering into the understanding of this after many years of fighting myself internally. What a blessing to see your generation, you, so clearly in command of the lessons of living. Such a pleasure to see you in action, thank you. As well, thank you for your gift, I so look forward to reading it. ~ Stephanie L.,  Australia


i got a taste of my power, and i must use it judiciously. it took my breath away. 
thanks, once again for your precious coaching.
love to do another afternoon sometime.
i feel like i have been tested and graduated this level.
Anita D. 

That was awesome thank you. My husband and I just had an argument and I prayed for God to help me. I am humbled thank you. I was so wrapped up in my justified anger knowing he is hurt also I couldn’t let go of my anger. It’s good to remember to treat him as I would want to be treated. It may not seem like much but your messages make us think and ponder being better people. Thank you.  ~ Daisy M.


Kimberly, you are a divine gift to share wisdom with. Warmly, Dr. Richard London, Mexico City


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