Happy Birthday to Me!!!

happy birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I am excited about getting older. I really do celebrate for 30 days, from August 16 to September 16.  This is a practice I started many years ago to help the aging process remain fun and exciting. (Remember being nine and a half? You couldn’t wait to turn 10!)

I look upon each birthday with as much joy as being nine and a half again. I take 30 days and do the things I have wanted to over the past year but have not had the: time, patience, courage, etc… for.

I celebrate and challenge myself to grow.

Trust me, I know growth can be uncomfortable. I was not born into a family where healthy behaviors were modeled. Truth be told, I was exposed to some very unhealthy and damaging behaviors. I actually tease that I was raised by wolves and that learning to walk upright was a testament to my inner strength.

Like many of you, I have faced tremendous challenges. I remained angry and hurt for many years over those challenges. Ultimately, I worked hard at learning new ways of coping and healed myself. I worked to find joy in every day, in every encounter and in every challenge.

I turned 47 yesterday and I am currently living my bliss, my joy. I still face challenges; I just know they cannot take my JOY from me.

I know I choose to live in grace and gratitude. You can too.

This year I challenge you to do the same. Don’t let another year go by living with pain, hurt, shame, dis-ease, loss and/or anger. Whether you allow me to assist you, you find the lesson on your own or through another coach; find your joy.

When you’re ready to heal the Trauma and Drama of your past and you know I can help you Live-Joy-Fully CLICK HERE and let me help you.


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  1. Beach Bum on July 29, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Happy birthday! Stopped by after seeing your post on Twitter.