drawerAs I’m sitting in my office looking around, I can see every horizontal surface. I often tease that my office is looking like an episode of Hoarders, minus the dead cats, but when I make that judgment, other people tell me my office is quite clean and organized. But being a Virgo means I have to have things hyper organized. So being unable to see horizontal surfaces – the tops of my desk, ottoman, credenza, etc. – because things are piled on them is like having something pulling at my attention every moment I’m in the office.

I found three simple steps to help clear the chaos from my mind and my office. Trust me, they’ll work for you too.

1. Do it. Is this something that you can act upon and resolve immediately? Then the energy you’re expending avoiding it can be put to better use. Decide now, do it now. If the thought is you can put it off, then move it into one of the next options.

2. Delegate it. Is your time better served by having someone else do it? If it is, then make it someone else’s task. There is no reason you need to oversee every little aspect of your business or your life. Create folders for the people you will be delegating to; move things into those folders and be done with it.

3. Ditch it. If it didn’t fit in the first two categories, get rid of it. End of statement. And if you can’t bring yourself to ditching it, go back and put it through the criteria of the first two options.

If you apply these three filters to the things that accumulate on your desk and in your office, you’ll find you’ve cleared space and energy for more creative pursuits and, potentially money-making opportunities.

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