Not Happy with Your Life? Ask Yourself These Questions

When clients seek me out, they have one thing in common: they’re not happy with some aspect of their life. Be it love, money, family, health, work, time management or their physical surroundings, they’ve let excuses cloud the vision of their vision.

I’m not saying excuses aren’t legitimate issues. I’m just saying excuses cloud your vision. So let’s wipe those clouds away and ask the really tough questions that might just make all the difference in your life.

Beautiful woman enjoying lifeWhat are you tolerating?  You have to understand that you are settling for something here, as opposed to aiming for a bigger goal. Tolerating does not get you the highest and best outcome available to you.

What are you avoiding?  Avoidance is not resolution. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – step up and deal with it. Whatever it is. You can’t get past it if you’re not willing to put it behind you. That may take work, healing, forgiveness … hey, you’ve been avoiding it for a reason.

Who are you blaming?  I often say when little Timmy comes home from school and complains that all his teachers hate him it’s time to take a look at Timmy. There’s a good chance Timmy is the problem. In all seriousness, you are exactly where you are because you haven’t chosen to change. I’m not saying you haven’t experienced bad things; what I’m saying is you decided to let them define you.

Excuses distract you. They keep you from seeing what it is that will make things better. Tolerating – Avoiding – Blaming are never going to empower you to the life you really want to live.

Now that you know, it’s time to do the work.

Want to reclaim your essence? We can do it all – we just have to do it smart.

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