Can Honest Communication Keep You Happy?

honest communication

A lesson in honest communication About two years after my dad died I had an experience with my mom that led to a story I share in the Heal My Past program. It’s called, Chicken Wing Syndrome. I’ve shared this story for over a decade at this point. And it occurred to me I had never…

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Love Comes in Many Forms

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. A friend of mine (male) once called it “Chick Christmas.” I had to laugh! This was so true on on many levels. We (females) do tend to make out if we are in a relationship with a caring partner on this day. Flowers, dinner, candy, jewelry and oh-so-romantic cards from the…

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The Cheese Stands Alone

I will soon celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary. Funny thing is, I swore from as far back as I can remember that I would never marry. I referred to my husband for years as my “first” husband to make light of the fact that I was truly married to this man. Don’t get me wrong,…

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