Why Borrow Sorrow?!

Someone I know very well was complaining about the state of the world to me the other day. I had to bite my tongue — literally. I find that sometimes I am judged for not having “filters.” Those who love me and are closest to me often point out that I am better served with keeping my mouth shut more than I actually do.

The issue I have with this person is she is a very “enlightened” woman. She knows the powers of thought and belief in creating the world at large. And yet, here she was lamenting the state of the world today; laundry listing all the tragedies we as human beings face currently, from the state of the economy to foreign affairs. You will kindly note I am not naming specifics here. I truly believe I live a wonderful life. Yes, I have challenges. Sometimes they are big ones.

But for pity sake, I do not go borrowing sorrow.

Business Financial Disaster Headlines

This is not an issue of “Well, if it doesn’t impact me directly, I don’t care.” For me it’s more, “How does it help for me to get all bent and bothered when I’m not directly involved?” Actually, I rarely get bent and bothered when I am directly involved, but that’s for another time. I much prefer to hold a neutral space and send prayer, meditation, light and love to the situation and those involved.

As human beings we have faced tragedy from the moment we crawled from the primordial ooze (for my evolutionary friends) or from the moment we were banished from Eden (for my creationary friends). We are human; we have free will, we make bad choices. Mother Nature does nasty things with all of her elements. We are mortal; every moment we live puts us that much closer to our last. These are tragic events.

Physicists have worked to prove we are energy and vibration; everything is. So do we reduce our vibration and energy to one of hopelessness and wallow in it? Or do we raise our energy and vibration with love and joy and prayer and meditation and all those other good things? We have free will, but what truly feels free?