Why Coaching Is So Important

I say our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our behaviors, our behaviors create the world around us.

The thing about behaviors is that we bring our past to them until we learn a different perspective. We do what we’ve always done. It may not be what you want, it may not be what we like, but it is what we know. So it is what we do.

I have a simple reminder that keeps me humble enough to know when it’s time for me to find another coach and work on something I’m having trouble with.

517568C – ’cause
O – our
A – attitude
C – controls
H – how we
I – implement
N – new
G – growth


When I find myself with a less-than-stellar attitude about something, it’s because I’m uncomfortable. I realize I need a new perspective or a tool to help me implement the new growth I’m facing.

Think about that the next time you’re faced with new growth.