Chemistry is Easy, Love Takes Work

If you aren’t in an emotionally fulfilling, healthy relationship, then chances are you need to do some work.  Yes, you.  You need to heal the trauma and drama of your past and isn’t it time you released old relationships, healed old wounds and learned how to draw love to you in ways that actually work?

When you let go of the past, identify your values and embrace the love you deserve, you will find that the love you seek externally will manifest. Ultimately, I met and became engaged to my husband within 6 weeks after doing this work for myself – and we are nearly 20 years married now.

As a success coach I often see people making the same choices in partners over and over and over again. Some remaining stuck, settling for a cycle of unfulfilled love relationships at best; tolerating unhealthy behaviors or even abuse at worst. Settling and tolerating to avoid being alone.

Make this the year that you change your relationships, your life.

Love and dating

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