Is a Raw Foods Lifestyle too Much?

Have you considered raw foods as a lifestyle?

Fotolia_569029_XS[1]Raw for 30 Days documents the journey of five Americans suffering from Adult Onset Type II Diabetes, who undergo a radical 30-day diet and lifestyle change in the hope of reversing or reducing their insulin dependence. The film shows the eating habits that led to the development of this disease. By changing their diet and views on food they find they were able to heal and reverse diabetes, high blood pressure and various other challenges.

This was an interesting undertaking, a radical change in their diet and behaviors. Am I making the suggestion that you radically alter your life? Perhaps for some people this works in the long term. However, for most people, I have found that when we make changes that we want to see last a life time, baby steps work best.

So if a raw foods lifestyle seems too big an undertaking, consider going 20% raw, at least for now. You may find the benefits (weight loss, improved health, increased energy, etc…) propel you to additional baby steps.

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