praciticing yogaIncrease flexibility

  • We lose flexibility in the natural process of aging. Stretching with yoga will help reverse that process.

Increase lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons

  • It is very important that your joints remain well lubricated because if they are not, they will begin to limit your mobility and you will become more susceptible to injuries.

Massage internal organs

  • While practicing yoga with torso twists, blood is squeezed out of the internal organs. When we release the twist, fresh blood flows into the organs.


  • One word: SWEAT. That means all the bad stuff comes out, giving you an opportunity to replenish with good.

Tone muscles

  • It takes strength to hold those poses. You build strength in your muscles with every session. 

Balance your mind, body and spirit

  • This gentle, non-impact exercise keeps you focused and in the moment. What could be better?

Reduce stress

  • Who couldn’t use less stress?

There are many yoga studios in Southern California. Yoga is also offered through community centers, and most local gyms host classes as well. Try it out!