Ever Wanted to Be a Healer?

Outstretched healing handsIf you’ve ever wanted to take control of your own health, or been inspired to consider becoming a healer, then Reiki might be the answer for you.

One of the unique features about Reiki is that anyone and everyone can practice it once attuned. You simply take a Reiki I class and, upon completion and once you’ve received your attunement, you are considered a Reiki practitioner. You then have the ability to take on clients and even begin your own practice if that’s what you choose to do.

If you choose to go on to Reiki II, you will learn the symbols to help yourself and others heal from emotional and past-life issues as well as learning to send Reiki energy through distance healing.

One of the challenges I’ve seen over the years is that many programs require two full eight hour days for each level (16 total hours) and a waiting period of 30 to 90 days before you can receive both your Reiki I and II attunement. As adults, our time is valuable. I offer a live program that certifies you in between six and eight hours for both Reiki I and Reiki II.

The Reiki Master/Teacher is a practitioner who has studied extensively with the intent of training others in passing on attunement.

Again, another challenge here is that many programs require you to take up to a year to attain this status. If Reiki interests you and you don’t want to wait, contact our office; we have in-person and distance training programs that save you 75% of the classroom and wait time that other programs spend.

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