Successful people make lots of decisions. They get comfortable making decisions. They don’t wait for life to happen to them; they take charge.They make change.

If you’re not comfortable making decisions, you have to step outside of that to find success. And sometimes that first decision is the hardest. Successful people also make those decisions quickly. They know that very little is irretrievable.

ArcheryThey live by the philosophy of:

    • Ready
    • Fire
    • Aim

Which translates to: first plan, then launch, and then evaluate, in that order. Decisions are made each time.

Where many others get caught up is in the ready (they wait for everything to be perfect) – aim (they keep looking for the right set of circumstances, afraid to make the decision to launch; essentially moving the target repeatedly) – fire (many often never actually pull the trigger, waiting for the first two circumstances to magically provide them with a predetermined outcome).

So even if you’re just deciding today to make these changes, it’s a decision. Congratulate yourself. You’re on your way.

What’s the best decision you ever made?

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