Self Care is Just as Important as Caring for Others

Self CareA little while ago, I managed a good second-degree burn to my right hand thumb, ring and little finger. This was a steam burn from checking on dinner and then, in trying to get my hand out of the way of the hot stream of steam, I grabbed the 325 degree roasting pan with those same digits. OUCH!

Bright red, shiny skin and blisters immediately formed. I ran my hand under cool tap water for about 20 minutes while doing EFT on my “stupid” mistake. When I could bear to sit for 30 minutes I started doing Reiki on my hand and fingers. Within the first hour the pain went from an 8 (out of 10) constant to a 6 intermittent. I continued the Reiki for another hour and was completely pain free from that point on. Just two days later, I had no pain, minimal redness, no blisters and had full feeling in all of the burned areas.

Funny thing though, my husband Rick had to remind me that I had the ability to heal myself.

I may do this for others all day long, sometimes I forget I can care for me too.

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